1. LGraph2 software package
2. Software for Windows
3. Descriptions
4. Firmware and BIOS

File Size Date Description
1. LGraph2 software package
lgraph2.zip26 783 70719.03.21LGraph2 is a free multi-channel data recorder for Windows. Version 2.35.16 provides the possibility of simultaneous data visualization and recording from the ADCs: L-502, L-780M, L-783, L-791, E-502, E14-140, E14-140M, E14-440, E-154, E20-10, LTR11, LTR114, LTR27, LTR212, LTR216, LTR22, LTR24, LTR25, LTR51. It requires an updated version of the LComp driver (from version 01.04.2010) and ltrserver (no lower than
2. Software for Windows
dtu_modbus_registers_map.pdf40 75002.06.20DTU modbus registers map
lcard-opc-setup.exe12 440 52009.04.19OPC DA Server for L Card data acquisition modules and LTR crate system. Version 1.0.10.
lcomp.exe6 342 21612.05.21Beta version. LCOMP library for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 32 and 64-bit versions with drivers. The installer and drivers are digitally signed. The library is built on the basis of modern WDM-drivers rewritten on WDF. It includes the WDM driver itself for L-CARD hardware, the DLL library with source code, programming examples, electronic description, etc. The LCOMP library provides support for almost the entire range of products: PCI boards, USB modules. ISA support is excluded.
The library includes “L-Graph I” software. L-Graph I supports the following devices: L-1450, L-761, L-780, L-783, L-791, E14-140, E-154 and E14-440. Files recorded by L-Graph I can also be read and processed using the demo-version of PowerGraph v.3.X.
lpcie_setup.exe11 071 61625.12.19L-CARD L502/E502 SDK. Version 1.1.19. Includes driver, libraries, files for software development and programming examples for L-CARD L502 and E502 modules for Windows (starting with Windows XP SP3 and higher, including 64-bit versions).
ltrd-setup.exe1 467 36804.05.21The ltrd service. Version Provides communication with LTR crates. It is a replacement for the LTRserver software while maintaining the compatibility of the program interface. ltrd is designed for the same purpose as LTRserver, but it is a service that runs when the system is started. The graphical interface to the service is provided by a separate LTR Manager program.

Attention! Only one of the programs ltrd or LTRserver can work at a time.

ltrdll.exe1 310 79204.05.21Libraries for working with LTR crates and modules. Version 1.32.22.
ltrmanager_setup.exe9 751 80804.05.21LTR Manager software. Version 1.5.2. Graphical interface to the ltrd service. Provides an interface similar to the LTRserver interface when working through the ltrd service.
lusbapi34.exe2 450 81209.02.12Lusbapi Library v.3.4 for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7. Self-extracting archive with the software for the following L-CARD USB devices:
  • E14-140 module (Rev. "A" and "B")
  • E14-440 module
  • E20-10 module (Rev. "A" and "B")
  • E-154 module
The archive includes USB driver, library, and examples.

Attention!!! This version of the library uses a new USB driver. Thus, when upgrading from older versions of Lusbapi to version 3.2 or higher, the end user should switch the USB module to work with the new driver via the "Device Manager".

x502studio.zip11 632 36803.09.20Demonstration software for E-502 and L-502 modules
3. Descriptions
dtu-2_manual_en.pdf228 99818.02.18DTU-2-06-X. User manual.
e-502_users_guide_en.pdf1 500 68017.02.18User's Guide for E-502 module.
e14_140_programmers_guide.pdf1 461 11028.10.09E14-140 (USB 1.1) module. Programmer's Guide. Lusbapi Library 3.3. Adobe Acrobat 6.0.
e14_140_users_guide.pdf2 066 18504.12.20E14-140 and E14-140-M (USB 1.1) modules. User’s Guide.
e14_440_programmers_guide.pdf2 668 23720.12.13E14-440 (USB 1.1) module. Programmer's Guide. Lusbapi Library 3.2. Adobe Acrobat 6.0.
e14_440_users_guide.pdf1 626 73309.06.08E14-440 (USB 1.1) module. User’s Guide. Adobe Acrobat 6.0.
e154_manual.pdf918 14403.03.09E-154 User's Manual.
e154_programmers_guide.pdf1 098 62016.10.08Software description for E-154 module.
e20-10_conn_examples.pdf1 136 55609.10.19E20-10 module. Typical examples of connection.
e2010_programmers_guide_en.pdf707 22216.04.18E20-10. Programmer manual.
e20_10_users_guide_en.pdf1 316 08501.03.18E20-10. User manual.
l-502_users_guide_en.pdf1 349 40027.02.18L-502 PCI-Express board User's Guide.
l791_users_guide.pdf1 355 22213.03.13User's Guide and low-level description of L-791 PCI board (Version 1.30). Adobe Acrobat 6.0.
l7xx_programmers_guide.pdf2 260 60422.10.07DOS Programmer's Guide for L-780 and L-783 PCI boards in Adobe Acrobat format.
l7xx_users_guide.pdf2 268 31318.01.19User’s Guide for L-780 and L-783 PCI boards in Adobe Acrobat format.
ltr114api.pdf950 64929.07.10LTR114 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr11api.pdf553 18313.01.10LTR11 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr210api_en.pdf596 61715.02.18LTR210 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr212api_en.pdf630 82613.02.18LTR212 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr22api.pdf1 001 93526.04.07LTR212 module. Ltr212api library. Programmer's Guide.
ltr24api_en.pdf300 95515.02.18LTR24 module. Programmer's Guide
ltr25api_en.pdf437 85315.02.18LTR25 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr27api_en.pdf333 88219.02.18LTR27 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr34api.pdf552 44510.06.09LTR34 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltr51api.pdf790 81721.03.07LTR51 module. Programmer's Guide.
ltrapi_en.pdf604 61815.02.18Ltrapi basic library. Programmer's Guide.
ltr_cross_sdk_en.pdf551 55313.02.18Description of the software for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and QNX.
ltr_en.pdf11 066 42725.12.17LTR modular DAQ system. User's Guide (revision 3.1.0).
  • General characteristics and principles of construction
  • Working with LTR crate
  • Overview of LTR crate architecture
  • LTR11 ADC module
  • LTR212 (M) strain measurements modules
  • LTR27 measuring module
  • LTR41, LTR42, LTR43 digital I/O and synchronization modules
  • LTR51 frequency meter module
  • LTR22 ADC module
  • LTR24 (-1, -2) ADC modules
  • LTR25 ADC module
  • LTR34 DAC module
  • LTR35 DAC module
  • LTR114 ADC module
  • LTR210 ADC module
  • LTR00 Dummy module
  • Low-level programming of LTR-EU crate
  • Specification
ltr_soft_getting_started_en.pdf269 97413.02.18Starting to work with DAQ system LTR. Questions about the software.
re_lpw305_en.pdf2 261 92127.02.18LPW305. User manual.
re_seppt_en.pdf699 95827.02.18User’s Guide for SEPPT static counter of electric energy of direct and alternating current.
vib-8_hw_guide_en.pdf217 41627.02.18VIB-8. User manual on hardware.
vib8_soft_manual_en.pdf1 375 04016.04.18VIB-8. Software description.
x502api_en.pdf1 059 11016.04.18Programmer's Guide for L502 and E502 modules.
4. Firmware and BIOS
ltreu-fw- 90804.09.19


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