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13.08.2017: LTR crate in MAX IV Swedish synchrotron as a vivid example of the use of L-CARD equipment in fundamental physics

The use of the Russian LTR modular DAQ system in MAX IV Swedish synchrotron was described in the article [1] of Novosibirsk scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the SB RAS.

The MAX IV synchrotron consists of one linear accelerator and two storage rings. The circumference of the largest of the rings is 528 meters, and the other is 96 meters. In a linear accelerator, the electron flux is redirected to storage rings, where their course changes ("bends") with the help of electromagnets. The control system of electromagnets with the use of pulse converters was built on the basis of a LTR-crate with several ADC, DAC and discrete input modules.


Figure 1. Block diagram of the electromagnet control system with the use of LTR crate with LTR27, LTR42, LTR34, LTR41, LTR114 modules by L-CARD. IPM is a blocking module (development of INP SB RAS).


The control system of Max IV accelerator uses TANGO distributed control system. To integrate the LTR-crate, a special gateway software is used. This gateway is a collection of several Windows applications implemented using the Qt5 library. The gateway provides a TANGO server interface with the LTR crate via built-in http-server. The structure of the software gateway is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2. The structure of the software gateway.



Figure 3. The histogram of the delay test result for the output of the LTR34 DAC-module (apparently operating in the asynchronous "empty" mode of its own data buffer - note from L-CARD).


Figure 4. Graph of the states of controlling impulse converters algorithm, implemented in TANGO.



Figure 5. The diagram of the control of impulse converters under TANGO control.


The gateway software based on a very simple http-server and TANGO ideology allows to communicate with the LTR-crate, successfully solving the problem of controlling the electromagnets of the accelerator.

Figure 6. Appearance of the integrated rack with impulse converters (LTR crate is above) [2]



MAX IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden  (photo from httр://



1. A. Panov, A. Korepanov. Tango integration of a specific hardware through http-server: [Electronic resource] // Proceedings of ICALEPCS2015. Melbourne. URL: (the date of the application: 11.08.2017).

2. Panov Alexey. Integration of a Specific Hardware through HTTP-server: [Electronic resource] // Australian Synchrotron. Melbourne. URL: (the date of the application: 12.08.2017)


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