VIB-8 Device for vibration monitoring

Device for vibration monitoring
  • 8 channels of direct connection of ICP-sensors for vibration measurement
  • ADC 16 bits, sampling rate is 100 kHz
  • Integrated digital signal processing with ARM
  • Galvanically isolated interfaces Ethernet and RS-485
  • Monitoring of the short-circuit or break in the sensor circuit
  • Mounting on DIN-rail
  • Connection without soldering via push-in terminal blocks
  • Lacquered edition of the boards for protection against external influences

VIB-8 is designed to measure the AC voltage from the primary vibration transducers and to convert the measurement results into vibration velocity and vibration acceleration values for vibrations monitoring.

The main sphere of application: gas, oil, energy, electrical and other industries where it is required to control and balance the mechanisms and aggregates of the rotary type (gas, steam and hydraulic turbines, compressors, pumps, electric motors, etc.).

VIB-8 provides:

  • The ability to connect up to 8 vibration transducers (sensors) using ICP® technology and other IEPE-sensors from CCLD®, Isotron®, Deltatron®, Piezotron®, as well as 2-wire TEDS-sensors according to IEEE 1451.4 (Class 1 MMI), with only analog mode support.
  • Transformation of signals alternately for each channel: power is applied to the sensor, analog-to-digital conversion of the signal occurs, then its processing is carried out and finally the power from the sensor is removed.
  • Processing of digitized signals and calculating the RMS values of the acceleration and speed for each channel.
  • Memorization of fragments of digitized signals (oscillograms) in the device's memory when custom events occur.
  • Saving settings when turning off the power and restoring when turned on.

VIB-8 main technical characteristics

Number of measurement channels (with alternate internal switching)


The range of measurements of the root-mean-square AC voltage in
the frequency range from 5 to 3000 Hz (in the presence of a constant
voltage of electric current in the range from 8 to 12 V)
from 0,7 mV to 5 V
Internal ADC conversion frequency 100 kHz
ADC resolution 16 bits
Limits of the permissible reduced (to the upper limit of measurement) error in the measurement of the RMS value of the AC voltage  in the frequency range of the input signal from 5 to 3000 Hz ±1,0 %
The value of the DC power for supplying the connected piezoelectric sensors from 8 to 14 mA
Inter-channel transmission of AC voltage in the frequency range of the input signal from 5 to 3000 Hz not more than  -75 dB
The number of 3-second diagrams stored in the RAM for each measurement channel for further analysis of the vibration parameters by means of external personal computers or information systems 10
Interface type (protocol)

Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP)

RS-485 (Modbus RTU)

Processor type

LPC4333 (LPC4337),

200 MHz, 2 cores,

Cortex M4/M0

Insulation strength of interfaces Ethernet & RS-485 1500 V, 50 Hz, within 1 min
Supply voltage 24±2,4 V
Power consumption not more than 4,0 W
Design edition according to DIN 43880
Overall dimensions 36х61х91 mm
Weight not more than 0,15 kg
Operating temperature range -40...+60°C


External Connections


For complete connection recommendations, see the User's Manual.


Note: The developer and manufacturer of VIB-8 is "L Card" Ltd. Technical support of equipment purchased from "L Card" Ltd. is provided by "L Card" Ltd. The product is certified by the Customer - the company "Komdiagnostika" Ltd. - and therefore has a corresponding logo. This offer of goods is published with the consent of "Komdiagnostika" Ltd.



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