Detailed description of LTR system

The main advantages of LTR system

  • It is developed and serially produced in Russia (always in stock).
  • Qualified English-language technical support.
  • It is included in the State Register of measuring instruments (type description).
  • It is built on a modular principle, allowing to flexibly expand the configuration and to select the optimal set of modules for the solution of a particular task. Contains one-, two-, eight- and sixteen-slot crates for the corresponding number of modules.
  • It has a unified program interface "client-server", a single indexed data format, a single ideology for synchronizing the crate, which simplifies the implementation of new application tasks and the modernization of existing systems.
  • It comes with the LGraph2 software, which allows you to visualize, store and process measurement results. A large number of programming examples for various development environments, including LabVIEW.
  • It has USB 2.0 interfaces (high-speed) and Fast Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol, 100 Mbps) for communication with the computer.
  • Any LTR module is galvanically isolated from the crate case and computer. For data processing, the Blackfin signal processor is used, available for programming by user,.


LTR crates designation



The main characteristics of LTR crates

Characteristics LTR-CEU-1 LTR-EU
  -2-5 -8-1 -16-1
Maximum number of LTR modules to be installed 1 2 8 16
CPU ARM LPC4333/4337 Signal processor Blackfin ADSP-BF537 (600 МHz)
RAM 32 MB 32 MB
Interface USB 2.0 high-speed / Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX)
Type of FPGA  
  • loaded at power on
  • there is a user update option
Firmware upgrade Yes Yes
Additional possibility of low-level programming Provided by user. It is possible to connect a JTAG-emulator.
Flash-memory No Nonremovable2 GB microSD (option)
Number of digital synchronization lines 2 pcs. at the input
2 pcs. at the output
Maximum data transfer rate The maximum transfer speed of 2 MB/s (USB, Ethernet) is limited by the speed of LTR module 16 MB/s (USB high speed)
10,0 MB/s (Ethernet)
Crate design Portable Portable Transportable Transportable,
it is possible to mount into a rack 19" wide and 3U high
Supply voltage, V +11...+24 +11...+30 ~220 ~220
AC adapter included Yes Yes No No
The ability to quickly replace LTR module No
(module replacement requires the disassembly of crate case)
(module replacement requires the disassembly of crate case)
Yes Yes
Maximum power consumption 10 W 20 W 80 W 150 W
Dimensions of the case (without taking into account the protruding parts of the connectors, portable handle for the 8-slot crate) WxHxD 135 x 41 x 189 mm 135 x 61 x 189 mm 236 x 133 x 378 mm 481 x 136 х 406 mm


 Synchronization in LTR crates

  • The conversion frequency of ADC and DAC modules is synchronized from a single LTR crate generator (taking into account the use of new modification of LTR212M instead of LTR212).
  • Two independent channels of LTR crate synchronization by means of LTR41, LTR42, LTR43 modules, or in LTR-EU and LTR-CEU crates - via crate-controller through the synchronization connector.
  • In the LTR-EU racks, hardware synchronization from a universal-time server is supported.
  • Multi-crate synchronization is possible.


Features of LTR modules

  • У всех модулей LTR имеется групповая гальваноразвязка измерительных цепей относительно корпуса, цепей питания крейта и измерительных цепей другого модуля LTR. Гальваноразвязка выполнена с применением новейших элементов - "цифровых изоляторов". У некоторых модулей (LTR27) имеется поканальная гальваноразвязка.
  • All LTR modules have a group galvanic isolation of the measuring circuits relatively to the casing, supply circuits and the measuring circuits of the other LTR module. The galvanic isolation is performed using the newest elements - "digital insulators". Some modules (LTR27) have channel by channel galvanic isolation.
  • The maximum power consumption of a single LTR module is up to 6 W.

The lineup is constantly expanding. L-CARD can develop modules on the customer's request.


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