SEPPT The static meter for 3 kV of AC/DC networks and 25 kV AC networks

The static meter for 3 kV of AC/DC networks and 25 kV AC networks
  • Energy measurement in 3 kV AC and DC networks (automatic detection of the network type)
  • Combined with DNE-25 external divider – energy measurement in 25 kV AC networks
  • Accuracy class 0.2S
  • Extended operating temperature range -50...+60°С, built-in thermostat
  • Interfaces RS-485 and CAN
  • IP 54 version

The static electricity meter of DC and AC power (SEPPT) is designed to measure direct and reverse electrical energy in single-phase two-wire networks of DC and 50Hz AC.

The main sphere of application: electrical energy consumption recording on the electric rolling stock of the railway transport of direct and alternating current operating both in traction mode or in the recuperation mode.

SEPPT operates with external measuring devices – current transformer, shunt, DNE-25 voltage divider (with predetermined conversion coefficients).

The data is received and transmitted via one of two interfaces - CAN (CAN-open protocol) or RS-485 (Modbus protocol).


Parameters stored in non-volatile memory

  • Active consumed AC energy
  • Active recuperated energy of AC at all harmonics
  • Active recuperated energy of AC at the basic harmonic
  • Negative and positive reactive energies of AC (measured by fifty voltage and current harmonics)
  • Total AC energy
  • Consumed DC energy
  • Recuperated DC energy
Metrological characteristics
DC network
Limits of the allowed basic error of energy measurements, % ±0,2
AC network
Limits of the allowed basic error of active energy measurements, % Corresponds to class 0.2S according to IEC 62053-22:2003
Limits of the allowed basic error of reactive energy measurements, % 1
Common parameters
Minimum current values The device sensitivity threshold is 0.1% of the rated current value
Power supply DC 40...160 V
Operating temperature range From -50°С to +60°С
Power consumption Less than 10 W
Dimensions 120х80х86 mm


Configurations available

Modification Electric power measurement Characteristics of the current channel Characteristics of the voltage channel
DC AC (50Hz) Electrical network connection Rated amperage Electrical network connection Rated voltage, V
in network at SEPPT input in network at SEPPT input
SEPPT-01 Yes Yes Through an external device – measuring shunt Is determined by resistance of the connected measuring shunt 75 mV the rated voltage direct 3000 3000
SEPPT-02 150 mV the rated voltage
SEPPT-03 No Yes Through an external device – current transformator Is determined by transformation ratio of the connected current transformer 5 A direct 3000 3000
SEPPT-04 Through an external device – DNE-25 voltage divider 25000 6,25


Exclusive distributor: "AVP Technology" Ltd.


  • re_seppt_en.pdf (filesize: 699 958 bytes, date: 27.02.2018)

    User’s Guide for SEPPT static counter of electric energy of direct and alternating current.


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