LPW-Studio II Electric power quality control application

LPW-Studio II is designed to work in conjunction with electric power quality control units LPW-305 according to the requirements of National standards 30804.4.30- 2013 A class and 32144-2013.

The main features

• Setting up the internal parameters of the device (selection of the input ranges for voltages and currents, wiring scheme, connection parameters etc.).
• On-line representation of electric power quality parameters and their recording to database for further export to .xlsx file.
• Flexible adjustment of the devices to long-term autonomous data acquisition into the internal memory for the on-demand creation of testing protocol according to the National Standard 33073-2014.
• Reading data from devices’ internal memory and storing to database; converting data to .xlsx files, creating .docx reports according to National Standards and data export configured by user-defined templates.
• Programmable device’s response to predefined events, e.g. to electric power quality parameters exceeding the preset limits.
• Internal firmware update for LPW-305 devices.


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