About L-CARD

About us

  • A cohesive team of 180 employees making up a manufacturing enterprise with an integrated design office.
  • We focus on a large project of the Customer from the idea to the serial release.
  • We provide product support at all stages of the life cycle.
  • For more than 25 years we have been creating certified measuring equipment, for more than 15 years our systems have been checked by the difficult conditions of the Russian Railways.
  • L-CARD products are used by more than 3000 customers worldwide in a variety of industrial and scientific organizations.


Our goals

  • The development of the production of specialized electronics with the optimal price/quality ratio
  • Technical & engineering support of scientific and industrial enterprises of high-tech intellectual fields of activity
  • Engineering and production support for R&D
  • Development of engineering and development base of the company and industrial infrastructure


Our history

  •     1987 - the beginning of L-CARD is the creation of analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) boards for the first Apple computers that appeared in Russia.
  •     1990 - the release of three models of ADC boards for IBM PC XT. Five employees produce a dozen cards a month.
  •     1994 - the release of new models of ADC boards, based on imported components, with signal processor, galvanically isolated inputs, transition from ISA bus to PCI, the appearance of the first crates and modules of multichannel systems.
  •     1998 - L-CARD wins the tender of the Ministry of Railways for the development and production of a specialized measurement and control system for the automatic conduct of an electric train. Cooperation with the company "AVP Technology" begins, thousands of products are annually produced and introduced in the Russian railways.
  •     2002 - moving to a separate five-story building near Tulskaya subway station, Moscow.
  •     2004 - the opening of a serial plant in the city of Borovichi, Novgorod region.
  •     2006 - the beginning of sales of the modular LTR crate system.
  •     2011 - the enterprise in Borovichi becomes well-established, well equipped radio-engineering production, with a dynamically developing area of ​​machining.
  •     2012 - entering the market of devices for electric power industry with LPW-305 - device for monitoring the electrical power quality (PQ) parameters.
  •     2013 - the beginning of sales of L-502 - ADC/DAC boards to the PCI Express bus.
  •     2014 - obtaining a certificate for a quality management system in accordance with National Standarts ISO 9001-2011 and РВ 0015-002-2012.



Phone: +7 (495) 785-95-19
Fax: +7 (495) 785-95-14

Sales department: en@lcard.ru
Technical support: en@lcard.ru

5 Varshavskoye shosse, corp. 4, build. 2
Moscow 117105
Russian Federation

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About us

More than 3,000 customers worldwide are already using L-CARD electronic equipment for a wide range of research and industrial applications. We are glad to help you at any stage of creating an electronic product: from development and production to post-warranty support.



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