R_KIT_2 Precision resistors kit for 4-20 mA circuits and current measurements of RTD-sensors

Precision resistors kit for 4-20 mA circuits and current measurements of RTD-sensors
  • Precision resistors with high long-term stability
  • 100 Ω–0.125 W–0.5%–10 ppm/°C
  • Outlet mounting

8 highly stable precision resistors with a resistance of 100 Ohm, a power of 0.125 W, accuracy of ±0.5%, a thermostability of 10 ppm/°C allows:

  • to implement up to 8 current inputs 4-20 mA for a number of common-purpose ADCs: E-154, E14-140-M, E14-440, E-502, L-783M, L-780, L-502, L-791, LTR11, LTR24;
  • to implement a temperature measurement circuit with up to 8 RTD sensors (resistance thermometers) and a general-purpose ADC with DAC output: E14-140-M-D.

Resistors can be mounted both on the sensor side and on the ADC side, including inside the casing of the cable part of the DB-37F connector.

Thermostability of these resistors is the price-determining parameter for this product. For current shunts, high thermal stability is important for achieving the necessary stability of the voltage-to-current conversion, taking into account the self-heating of the shunt. For RTD-sensor circuits, high thermal stability of the current-sense resistor is necessary to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement.


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