L-502-SYNC Synchronization cable for L-502

Synchronization cable for L-502
  • Intermodular synchronization can be arranged for any L-502 boards, including various modifications. It is important that if at least one L-502 used in the multi-module synchronization circuit does not have galvanic isolation, then all the other galvanically isolated L-502s in this circuit are lost galvanically.
  • It is understood that in a multi-module synchronization system, users will be able to intelligently set up the control tables of different modules, as well as the division coefficients of the reference frequency for required input-output processes.

Used for inter-module synchronization of several L-502 boards installed in adjacent PCI Express slots (of any size) inside one computer.

One synchronization cable L-502-SYNC provides connection and inter-module synchronization of two adjacent L-502 boards. It is possible to synchronize several L-502 modules through their serial connection ("in a chain") – using n L-502-SYNC cables to connect n-1 L-502 boards within one PC system unit or one PCI Express backplane.

  • L-502-SYNC
    synchronization cable for several L-502 boards


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