L-CARD OPC server

For a number of L-CARD modules, an OPC server has been developed that allows modules to be connected to various SCADA systems. All comments and suggestions are welcomed at en@lcard.ru


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Short description

"L-CARD OPC" software suite provides access to data received from modules of LTR crate system or individual L-CARD data acquisition modules via the standard "OPC DA" interface.

L-CARD OPC-server implements OPC-interface according to "OPC Data Access 2.05" specification, which is the most widespread. "OPC DA" is supported by the overwhelming majority of ready-made SCADA-systems, as well as other measuring software complexes or environments, for example, Matlab, LabView, MasterSCADA.

The main advantages of OPC are:

  1. OPC is a standard interface that is widely used in measurement and automation systems, including SCADA systems. Most SCADA systems have ready built-in support for working with OPC servers. The availability of L-CARD OPC Server makes it easy to use LTR modules and crates in SCADA-systems.
  2. OPC provides a simple common interface for obtaining measurements, without reference to the specific features of the module (unlike specialized standard libraries in C/C ++ with a lot of lower-level functions that require separate study). In fact, OPC provides access to ready-made values available for reading or writing, while the entire logic for obtaining the values of these variables is hidden in the OPC server itself and configured via a ready-made GUI configurator. Especially it can make a difference when working in various mathematical and measuring packages that can be used without knowledge of low-level programming languages.
  3. A lot of clients can simultaneously connect to the OPC server, that allows receiving data from the same modules in different independent programs simultaneously, while direct work with the module through libraries is possible simultaneously from only one program.
  4. OPC-client and OPC-server can be located at the same machine or at different machines in the same local network. With multiple clients, everyone can operate at their own machine in the network. Thus, L-CARD OPC makes it easy to use LTR measuring system or other L-CARD modules in the automated process control system without any programming, on the basis of standard SCADA-systems or other software complexes with OPC support. The operation of the OPC server is flexibly configured through a configurator with a graphical interface.

User can specify:

  • L-CARD data acquisition modules with which OPC-server will work
  • hardware configuration of each data acquisition module
  • what parameters will be calculated based on data obtained from modules
  • the fully user-defined OPC tree and its compliance with the calculated parameters

"L-CARD OPC" software includes:

  • The service that realizes the OPC server itself
  • OPC server configurator with graphical interface
  • DEMO-version of OPC-server is provided to check compatibility with your SCADA-system

The more detailed description of the software is available in the User's Guide.

To date, the next modules are supported: LTR11, LTR24 (all modifications), LTR212 (all modifications), LTR27. We are ready to quickly add the LTR module you use to the "L-CARD OPC".


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