RS-485/422-UART Transceiver cable with galvanic insulation

Transceiver cable with galvanic insulation
  • Galvanically isolated RS-485/422 interface for LTR-EU crates
  • Galvanically isolated synchronization interface for LTR-EU crates 
  • Galvanically isolated physical device RS-485/422 of processor devices

The cable with RS-485/422↔UART transceiver is designed for implementation of galvanically isolated RS-485/422 interfaces in LTR-EU crates, as well as for remote synchronization of LTR crates via "second mark" or "start tag" channels. Details can be found in the User's Guide. The recommended type of network cable is shielded twisted pair 120 Ohms.

Attention! The operation of connecting-disconnecting the MDN-9M(P) connector with the LTR-EU crate should only be performed when the LTR-EU power supply is off!
Common parameters
Number of channels 1 receive channel and 1 transmission channel
Transfer standard RS-485/RS-422 half duplex or full duplex
Physical transfer rate Up to 500 kbaud
Operating temperature range -20...+55°С
Operating conditions At the absence of moisture, corrosive substances and permanent external sources of vibration
Length of cable 30 cm
External supply voltage
– From UART side VCC = +3,3 V or +5,0 V   (ultimate VCC = +5,5 V)
– From RS-485/422 line Not required
Characteristics of galvanic isolation
Long-term bipolar alternating voltage 424 V (peak), 50 Hz
Short-time impulse voltage 2000 V
Stability to the voltage rise of galvanic isolation 20 kV/μs
Capacity of galvanic isolation 4 pF
Transmitter specifications
Output short-circuit current Up to 200 mA
Output leakage current at prohibition of output Not more than 30 μA
Output differential voltage at 100 Ohm load 2 – 5 V
Output differential voltage at 54 Ohm load 1,5– 5 V
Voltage of the logical "1" (output), not less than 0,7*VСС
Voltage of the logical "0" (output), not more than 0,3*VСС
Maximum permissible voltage (input) -0,2...+ (VСС.+0,2) V
Receiver specifications
Switching threshold (input) -30...-200 mV
Hysteresis (input) 15 mV (typical value)
Input current (inputs A, B) Not more than 125 μA
Voltage of the logical "0" (output), not more than 0,4 V
Voltage of the logical "1" (output), not less than VСС -0,3 V
Electrostatic protection of the input-output line RS-485/422 15 kV


Typical solutions for LTR-EU racks synchronization



Master-master (duplex)




Master-slaves with retransmission


Typical solutions of RS-485 network for data transmission


Full-duplex RS-422 network for data transmission

  • RS-485/422 - UART
    transceiver cable with galvanic insulation


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