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The ability to develop complex products in a short time at the modern element base is a key advantage of our company. To achieve this, we have a well-coordinated team of engineers-developers, programmers, metrologists, designers, which we traditionally call the Laboratory. At the Laboratory, our own ideas and projects of our Customers are turned into serial products. Thanks to the system approach and the talent of our engineers, "burning" projects were rescued in the shortest time, from which other manufacturers refused.

Our engineers and designers use the most advanced element base, knowledge of production features, extensive experience in creating both serial products and unique specialized equipment. This allows us to create products with a very attractive price-quality ratio.

The Laboratory uses an end-to-end design and production management system. It is the electronic base of all design and technological documents, presented in their development by versions and modifications. It enables the rapid monitoring and management of changes in design documentation, production batches and stocks. The control system connects all stages of creating and replicating the product.



As a life shows, a high-grade research and development work (R&D) is always obtained if there is a close relationship between the scientific base of the research institute and the production base of the plant, with close cooperation of scientists, engineers and production. For research institutes leading R&D, L-CARD is an interesting partner because:

  • L-CARD has highly qualified engineers and developers who can creatively and highly professional to bring the project to engineering model.
  • The production of L-CARD is adapted for small and medium series.
  • L-CARD serial products can be directly used for measurement, data acquisition and control, for research purposes.
  • Engineers of the L-CARD can develop a scheme for connecting L-CARD serial data acquisition systems to the existing laboratory equipment and physical installations of the Customer at high technical level. Also they can adapt our serial products (measuring instruments) to a specific task. < / li>
  • L-CARD, as a plant, is interested in making R&D results in a serial product produced by L-CARD, possibly under the Customer's brand.

Therefore, the interests of research institutes in the final result, and the interests of L-CARD coincide. Interaction forms of research Iistitute with L-CARD can be different: from conducting preliminary technical consultations to developing and manufacturing a custom system according to the technical requirements of the Customer.


Contract manufacturing

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More than 3,000 customers worldwide are already using L-CARD electronic equipment for a wide range of research and industrial applications. We are glad to help you at any stage of creating an electronic product: from development and production to post-warranty support.



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