PBD2BH Plug adapter for digital connector of L-xxx boards

Plug adapter for digital connector of L-xxx boards
  • Compatible with L‑780М, L‑783M, L‑791, L‑502 boards and AC-7XX cables
  • Reduces interference in digital lines
  • Improves the quality of reception and transmission of digital signals
  • Easy installation

PBD2BH adapter for L-xxx boards makes it possible to improve the quality of connecting digital lines with one or two AC-7XX cables due to only odd numbers of digital input and output lines are put into the first cable and only even numbers put into the second one. The adapter implements connections in which signal wires alternate with the wires of GND "digital ground", which significantly improves the quality of signal transmission over a flat cable АС-7XX.

Using only one AC-7XX cable together with the PBD2BH adapter is possible if you only need to use half (even or odd) digital lines of inputs and outputs and there is one free PCI/PCIe slot for one AC-7XX cable panel in PC system unit.

The use of two AC-7XX cables in conjunction with a PBD2BH adapter is advisable if half of the digital input and output lines is not enough and you have two free PCI/PCIe slots for a pair of AC-7XX cables.


Characteristic Value, description
Number of AC-7XX cables to connect 1 or 2
Dimensions of the adapter, mm 33 x 57,2 x 19,1


Scheme of the layout in the system unit


Scheme of pinout for connectors, cable and adapter connections

The scheme shows alternative pinouts for plugs (AC-7XX-M) or sockets (AC-7XX-F). As the first and second cables it is possible to use AC-7XX-M or AC-7XX-F in any combination.



Restrictions on use

  • In L-791 module X6 and X7 jumpers must be removed! Curcuits of +15 V and -15V should not enter in the adapter.
  • Adapter for some L-xxx boards increases the total length of the structure by no more than 13 mm. This increase in length fits into the maximum sizes of PCI/PCIe boards, however, there may be specific limitations on the length of the board in your PC system unit.
  • The use of PBD2BH adapter together with the previously released L-780, L-783 (without the letter "M") is conditionally possible:
    • In these products, the connector for digital signals was unassembled, so the adapter fixing is less rigid there.
    • When connecting the adapter to these products, the orientation of the adapter should be observed, as shown in the figure above, while the pins of the 40-pin connector of L-780 & L-783 must be connected to the 44 holes of the adapter connector, so that the two end holes on both sides remained unconnected.

We remind that numbering from "1" is used in the names of the signals of L-CARD products.


Dimensional drawing of the adapter

Dimensions are in millimeters.

  • PBD2BH
    adapter for L-780M, L-783M, L-791, L-502 boards for connection of one or two AC-7XX cables.


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