To solve any modern engineering task, properly selected (developed) software is required. To determine what is optimal for your work, please write to us at, or call +7 (495) 7859519 to communicate with a technical specialist.


The L-CARD OPC software suite provides access to data received from ADC/DAC modules of the LTR crate system or separate L-CARD data acquisition modules via the standard "OPC DA" interface.

Complete with any module (system), L-CARD provides free software package LGraph 2. Designed for registration, visualization, processing and storage of data.

In combination with the LPW-305 power quality analyzer, the LPW-Studio software allows:

  • to carry out continuous monitoring of the power quality parameters
  • to conduct energy audit in accordance with National Standarts
  • to store data inside the device for contingency analysis
PowerGraph is designed for recording, visualization, processing and storage of analog signals recorded with ADC, and allows the use of a personal computer as standard measuring and recording instruments (voltmeters, recorders, oscilloscopes, spectro-analyzers, etc.).



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