DB-37F-increaser Terminal block board

Terminal block board
  • Fast switching of external signals
  • There are holes for mechanical fastening of the wires

The terminal block board allows to switch external signals to L-CARD boards and modules quickly and without using a soldering iron. Permissible cross-section of wires: from 0,08 mm² to 2,5 mm². There are holes for mechanical fastening of the wires.

Attention! All switching is performed only when the power is off.

Suitable for:

It is recommended to use the terminal block board only for temporary connections (when testing the system, experimentally). When measuring microvolt signals (LTR114, LTR212, H-27T), an influence of the terminal thermo-EMF of the terminal connections to the measurement circuit is possible. When the equipment is in constant use, solder joints of the cables with the cable parts of the connectors (DB-37) are recommended. In case of a large order, it will be advisable to order the manufacturing of cables by L-CARD according to your detailed technical requirements.

It should be noted that if the main reason for using the terminal blocks is the refusing of the DB-37 connectors, we recommend using the cable parts of the crimp terminals instead of the terminal blocks: DC-37F (socket) or DC-37M (plug). In any case, this method of installation will give the best quality of connection (in the ratio of "signal-interference"), in comparison with the terminal board, if the connection is symmetrical differential and (or) shielded.

  • DB-37F-increaser
    terminal block


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