L-783M Multifunctional high-speed ADC/DAC board with DSP

Multifunctional high-speed ADC/DAC board with DSP
  • ADC: 12 bits / 3 MHz
  • Input channels: 16 differential or 32 with "common ground"
  • Digital signal processor
  • Digital inputs/outputs: 16/16
  • Compatible with PCI specifications 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 (incompatible with revision 3.0)
  • Two-channel DAC (optional)

High-speed PCI bus, providing input of analog signals (megahertz range) and input/output of digital signals. As an option, you can install the DAC.

The board has a digital signal processor ADSP-2185M for controlling input/output signals and information exchange with PC.

Channel switching with multichannel data acquisition is automatic, with a random channel selection order and gain. It is possible to generate interrupts when a part of FIFO buffer is filled.

Due to the speed limits of non-DMA transmissions on modern motherboards, it is recommended to use ADC/DAC boards having DMA, such as: L-502, L-791.

Number of channels 16 differential or 32 with "common ground"
Resolution 12 bits
Effective resolution 
(input signal - 10 kHz sine / 4,9V)
11,7 bits (conversion frequency is 2,8 MHz)
Input impedance (at single-channel mode) Not less than 1 MOhm
Input signal measuring sub-ranges ±5 V, ±2,5 V, ±1,25 V, ±0,6 V
Maximum conversion frequency 2,85714 MHz (see the note 1)
  • Internal
  • By external synchro-signal
  • By analog signal level
Inputs protection ± 25 V (power on)
± 10 V (power off)
Inter-channel interference -62 dB (the input signal is a sine of 100 kHz,
output impedance of the signal source is 50 Ohm)
Digital signal processor
Type ADSP-2185M
Sample rate 40 MHz
Internal data RAM 16 Ksamples
Internal program RAM 16 Ksamples
FIFO-buffer 512 - 14336 samples
Data exchange speed via PCI bus
Referring to the board registers through the I/O ports Up to 1,2 Mbps
Referring to the board registers through PC memory Up to 10 Mbps
DAC (option)
Number of voltage outputs with common ground 2
Resolution 12 bits
Setting time 8 μs
Output range ± 5 V
Output current, no more than 2 mA
Digital inputs and outputs
Number of inputs 16 parallel, asynchronous
Number of outputs 16 parallel, asynchronous with common resolution outputs
Type of logic CMOS (74 НСТ), TTL-compatible
Dimensions       170x105 mm

Note 1: This product does not support DMA. This means that the actual value of maximum data acquisition frequency depends on the architecture of the motherboard and the current processor load.

  • L-783М
    L-783 board with ADSP2185M, no DAC
  • OP-783D
    DAC installation


  • l7xx_programmers_guide.pdf (filesize: 2 260 604 bytes, date: 22.10.2007)

    DOS Programmer's Guide for L-780 and L-783 PCI boards in Adobe Acrobat format.

  • l7xx_users_guide.pdf (filesize: 2 268 313 bytes, date: 18.01.2019)

    User’s Guide for L-780 and L-783 PCI boards in Adobe Acrobat format.

LGraph2 software package

  • lgraph2.zip (filesize: 26 786 707 bytes, date: 11.10.2021)

    LGraph2 is a free multi-channel data recorder for Windows. Version 2.35.20 provides the possibility of simultaneous data visualization and recording from the ADCs: L-502, L-780M, L-783, L-791, E-502, E14-140, E14-140M, E14-440, E-154, E20-10, LTR11, LTR114, LTR27, LTR212, LTR216, LTR22, LTR24, LTR25, LTR51. It requires an updated version of the LComp driver (from version 01.04.2010) and ltrserver (no lower than

Software for Windows

  • lcomp.exe (filesize: 6 342 216 bytes, date: 12.05.2021)

    Beta version. LCOMP library for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 32 and 64-bit versions with drivers. The installer and drivers are digitally signed. The library is built on the basis of modern WDM-drivers rewritten on WDF. It includes the WDM driver itself for L-CARD hardware, the DLL library with source code, programming examples, electronic description, etc. The LCOMP library provides support for almost the entire range of products: PCI boards, USB modules. ISA support is excluded.

    The library includes “L-Graph I” software. L-Graph I supports the following devices: L-1450, L-761, L-780, L-783, L-791, E14-140, E-154 and E14-440. Files recorded by L-Graph I can also be read and processed using the demo-version of PowerGraph v.3.X.


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