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Крейт LTR в шведском синхротроне MAX IV и другие примеры интеграции
The use of the Russian LTR modular DAQ system in MAX IV Swedish synchrotron was described in the article [1] of Novosibirsk scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the SB RAS. The MAX IV synchrotron consists of one linear accelerator and two storage rings. The circumference of...
Scientists from MPEI proposed a method for direct measurement of the current density distribution of technological electron beams using the E14-140-M ADC module [1]. This theme is relevant for the development of electron-beam welding technology, surfacing and perforation. The experimental stand...
OPC сервер для модулей АЦП
For a number of measuring modules L-CARD OPC server was developed. It allows to connect modules to various SCADA systems. L-CARD OPC server implements the OPC-interface according to "OPC Data Access 2.05" specification, which is the most widely distributed. "OPC DA" is supported by the...
Разнообразные примеры применения Установки измерительной LTR в испытаниях и исследованиях
Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) named after P.I. Baranov, the leading scientific organization of Russian aircraft engines, presented the U-9M Stand for testing of aviation turbojet & turbojet two-loop engines and auxiliary power units in simulated altitude-climatic and altitude-...
Переходник цифрового разъёма плат L-xxx от L-CARD
PBD2BH plug adapter for digital connector of L-xxx boards allows you to improve the quality of connecting digital lines using one or two AC‑7XX cables. Compatible with L‑780М, L‑783M, L‑791, L‑502 boards and AC-7XX cables Reduces interference in ...
отчет по ГОСТ 32144-2013
The first version of LPWStudio2_beta, a new software for working with LPW-305 is available for download. The current version allows you to automatically generate a report in accordance with National Standart 32144-2013. The expanded functionality of this program will be released in February...
"L-CARD L502 / E502 SDK" (formerly "L-CARD PCI-Express SDK") has been updated to version 1.1.0. A new version adds full support for E-502 module (driver included, libraries and programming examples updated). In addition, the driver update for L-502 has been included, which...
Наше портфолио пополнилось примером успешного применения крейтов LTR сбора информации о воздействии на рельсы
Data acquisition system recieves an information about the impact on the rails from the rolling stock according to various criteria: vertical forces transmitted from the wheel to the rail; lateral forces transmitted from the wheel to the rail; longitudinal forces transmitted from...
Новый модуль АЦП/ЦАП (16 бит, 2 МГц) с интерфейсами USB & Ethernet и сигнальным процессором
The serial production of  E‑502 ADC/DAC with USB, Ethernet and signal processor (option) started. ADC: 16 bit / 2 MHz Input channels: 16 differential or 32 with "common ground" The Blackfin digital signal processor with 32 MB of RAM (optionaly) Digital...
Многоканальный модуль АЦП для ICP датчиков
L-CARD production received a new 8-channel 24-bit LTR25 module with support of direct connection up to 8 ICP sensors. The main characteristics: Eight synchronous channels, 24 bits Sampling rate up to 78 kHz per channel Direct connection of up to 8 ICP sensors without any...
LTR-EU measuring systems are equipped with hardware and software support for universal time servers using the IRIG B006 protocol. The possibility of a "second mark" format with a time-date from a time server is implemented. This task was solved within the creation of measuring stands for...
The new functionality of LTR24-2: a possibility of direct connection (without additional matching module) of four ICP sensors or strain gauges; each input of four channels of ADC module can be independently programmed to permanently connection either to the differential input or to the...
The new modification of the ADC module for strain gauges LTR212M was released. New functionality added: two new connection options are added: up to 4 quarter-bridges in 4-channel mode by 3-wire scheme and up to 4 quarter-bridges and up to 4 complete bridges in 8-channel mode...
The new version supports LTR51 frequency meter module. LTR51 module is a specialized module for measuring the frequency or period of signals of complex shapes.
Now it's possible to use the LTR crate system not only in Windows OS, but also in Linux OS (USB and Ethernet interfaces of crates are supported) and QNX4/QNX6 (only Ethernet). L-CARD provides a cross-platform version of the LTR-server analog and libraries for program development. The proposed...
KPKE-1 - the device for monitoring electric power quality parameters. Our partner "AVIATEX" LLC offers complete solutions for data acquisition, processing, storage and display of measurement information about power quality using LPW-305 analyzer for monitoring and analysis of...
L-CARD has once again confirmed its ability to develop new product classes among the Russian manufacturers and has launched the long-awaited series of ADC/DAC embedded boards on PCIexpress bus. The boards are characterized by high resolution (16 bits), high conversion frequency (2 MHz),...
On February 25, 2010, L-CARD became a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Electronic Equipment and Devices. Being a full member of the association, we plan together with other leading Russian companies working in the market of development and production of electronic equipment...
L-CARD drivers have got a long-awaited digital signature! An updated lcomp distribution contains the signed drivers for all L-CARD products for Microsoft Windows. All the troubles of installing drivers for Windows 7 are solved. The drivers are designed for all L-CARD products:...


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