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27.02.2013: Linux and QNX support for LTR crate system

Now it's possible to use the LTR crate system not only in Windows OS, but also in Linux OS (USB and Ethernet interfaces of crates are supported) and QNX4/QNX6 (only Ethernet). L-CARD provides a cross-platform version of the LTR-server analog and libraries for program development. The proposed software is maximally compatible with the corresponding software for Windows, which allows you to easily port existing applications to the new OS.

All the necessary information about the composition and use of this software can be found in ltr_cross_sdk.pdf.

For Linux OS, external repositories are offered with packages already assembled for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and ArchLinux distributions. More details about their use can be found in lcard_linux_distributions.pdf.

For QNX4/QNX6, in addition to the source code, binary files (for x86 architecture) are available. They can be downloaded at

All the sources are available at the open Bitbucket server as a repository of Mercurial version control system (for more details, see lcard_bitbucket_repos.pdf).



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